Delivering Personalized Cardiac and Vascular Technology with Care

The Roanoke Heart Institute PLC (RHI) is a referral center that provides comprehensive noninvasive cardiac imaging services as well as clinical consultation for patients with cardiovascular diseases, including prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and chronic heart failure.

The RHI emphasizes risk factor management and control of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and diabetes. We apply the latest technology in noninvasive imaging and clinical care when and where appropriate, managing acute disease in the hospital setting, bridging the gap between inpatient and outpatient care for our patients.

The RHI continues to lead the way in cardiovascular clinical research in southwestern Virginia, offering our patients access to new treatments and diagnostic tests.

Patients, please use the front door facing McClanahan Street for access. Parking is on the side of the building in our reserved lot; the entrance to this lot is next to the front door. We welcome you to our outpatient center. Please call (540) 981-2105 for information.

Clinical Consultation

Dr. Schmedtje provides outpatient consultations in cardiovascular medicine at the RHI office in Roanoke on a regular basis, usually three days a week. He is also on the cardiology staff of both Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and LewisGale Medical Center (in Salem, VA.) He will admit his own patients to the hospital when indicated. In the event that he is unavailable, a cardiologist is on call for the patients of Dr. Schmedtje. Go to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for issues that arise after business hours, where the Roanoke Heart Institute cardiologist on call can be contacted by the emergency room staff for consultation.

Cardiac CT & MR

Cardiac CT Angiography (CTA) provides excellent non-invasive images of the heart arteries for most patients. That means that you may not have to accept the risks associated with running a catheter up from your groin into your heart if you need to know what your coronary arteries look like. Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) is offered in partnership with the Carilion Clinic as well.

Exercise & Pharmacological Stress Lab

A stress test does not have to be too stressful, but it does have to be done carefully. We will tailor your examination to you so that your referring provider gets the best possible information as soon as possible. Exercise and Lexiscan (Regadenoson) exams are done routinely. The results are faxed to the referring provider the next business day.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound & Echocardiography

Echocardiography is a non-invasive test which uses soundwaves to obtain images of the heart.  Color flow and spectral Doppler imaging allow us to see a simulation of the blood flow through the heart and across the valves.  With this technology we are able to measure the size of the heart structures, thickness of the muscle and visualize the function of the muscle and the valves.

Clinical Investigation

The Roanoke Heart Institute emphasizes the application of advanced pharmacological means of prevention as well as treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We always use proven therapies first at the RHI. However, you may also have access to new tests or treatments under clinical investigation in studies either sponsored through the National Institutes of Health or by reputable companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nuclear Cardiology

“Cardiolite” tests are available for standard stress and rest imaging to detect coronary artery disease. However, we also offer exams with Thallium, and “MUGA” exams for exacting quantitative measurement of left ventricular ejection fraction.