Clinical Consultation

Dr. Schmedtje provides outpatient consultations in cardiovascular medicine at the RHI office in Roanoke on a regular basis, usually three days a week. He is also on the cardiology staff of both Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital and LewisGale Medical Center (in Salem, VA.) He will admit his own patients to the hospital when indicated. In the event that he is unavailable, a cardiologist is on call for the patients of Dr. Schmedtje. Go to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for issues that arise after business hours, where the Roanoke Heart Institute cardiologist on call can be contacted by the emergency room staff for consultation.

Dr. Schmedtje is at the RHI clinic on a full time basis for your outpatient needs. The RHI coordinates its inpatient services with the most talented hospital-based specialists across multiple subspecialty disciplines to get the right inpatient services to you when you are hospitalized.